About Nolden Group

Healthcare costs are a significant expense for companies, especially large organizations with a substantial employee base. By controlling these costs, companies can improve their financial sustainability and allocate resources more efficiently.

Nolden Group works with large organizations to better manage their healthcare expenses, which allows businesses to maintain profitability, invest in growth opportunities, and remain competitive in the market. We offer a FREE evaluation of your healthcare portfolio and will provide you a report to show you areas of potential significant savings.

Our team has partnered with a digital companies that have developed ground-breaking technology to help your organization identify who is visiting your website while cross-referencing the information with one of the largest, private customer databases in the country. The resulting visitor (new lead) name, email, phone number, address and more is now available further follow-up by your marketing and sales teams. This critical data can be used to “hyper educate your tracking pixels” to achieve phenomenal results.

Should your business need brand-enhancing marketing materials and programs that help create a connection with your ideal customers, our team can help. Get the word out about your products or services while enhancing your credibility in the marketplace with proven sales and marketing initiatives.